How it works

Based on proven behaviorial science, adapted specifically to meet your needs as an author with a love story that keeps breaking up with you, the Spark Your Romance SMS Challenge will help you find your confidence and commit to finishing your story.

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Commit to finishing your romance-in-progress by signing up for the 21-day Spark Your Romance Challenge today. 

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I’ll send you an audio message by text each day with an author mindset exercise. Text me when you’re done so I can cheer your success!

Spark your romance

As you complete each day’s task, notice how your connection to your story deepens and your author confidence increases.

"I hadn't done any writing in over six months. Once I started Danika's challenge, I was in motion again and that is really exciting."

~ Rori Fichette, pre-published romance author

Give a gift of “happily ever after”

Do you have a writer bestie who could use a confidence boost to spark the romance with their love story-in-progress? Put them on the path to publication by gifting them this 21-day challenge. Sent directly to their phone, the daily messages will guide them through simple but powerful actions to help the build their confidence as a romance author.


Frequent questions

How does it work?

Every morning for 21 days, I’ll send you a short audio message by text to your mobile phone followed by an exercise or challenge for the day. Once you’ve completed the task, text me back so I can congratulate you.

This challenge is flexible—if you’re going away or need to pause, you can stop and start at any time. All you need to do is reply STOP to stop or pause receiving new messages and then reply START to begin again.

After I purchase the challenge, when will it start?

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome text message. If you register today, your first exercise will arrive tomorrow morning at 9 am your local time. Your receipt will come via email.

Every morning for 21 days, I’ll send you short audio and text messages to your mobile phone explaining your romance author  mindset exercise for the day. When you’ve completed the task, you’ll text me back so I can congratulate you.

This challenge is flexible—if you’re going away or need to pause, you can stop and start at any time. All you need to do is reply STOP to pause new messages and then START to begin again.

What happens if I miss a day?

If you’re unable to complete the challenge for one day, you will still have access to the audio message on your smartphone, so you can listen or relisten to the audio message anytime and send the reply word when you’ve finished.

However, one of the reasons I love this new program and hope you will too, is the accountability. By responding to the SMS message each day, you’ll hold yourself accountable for accomplishing each task and stay on track all 21 days.

Can I gift this challenge to someone else?

Yes! Just choose “Gift purchase” on the checkout page. We’ll email your romance writing recipient to let them know the course is ready for them.

What countries is this available in?

This course is available in the US and Canada via SMS text message and through WhatsApp for international participants.

 HEA commitment bonus

Once you’ve completed the 21 days of the challenge, I’ll send you a special coupon code to join the Author Ever After community. You’ll get $29 off every payment of your quartelry membership, regardless of how many times you renew.

If you’d like to join the community before the end of the Spark Your Romance challenge, email me your receipt and I’ll reply with the coupon code!