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I am on a mission to guide pre-published romance authors through all the steps and stages to finish and publish their first romance novel without any more manuscript break-ups.

Can you relate to my experience with my first books?

🤨 Imagine working on your romance—on your own—for a full year. You make progress, but you also flounder, second-guess yourself, stop and start a dozen times, wish you had validation about an idea. You long for a trusted friend and ally to tell you “You got this!” when you all you feel is lost and confused and frustrated.

But you don’t reach out, since you’re an author and authors work alone.

So says popular belief.

😍 Now, imagine working on your romance in a community with other romance authors, all looking toward the same finish line—becoming published. When you second-guess yourself, you wave a flag, say you need help, and your peers show up with words of encouragement and ideas to help you push past whatever is blocking you. 

You want validation for an idea? You bring it to mastermind and get other romance author’s thoughts. 

You want to brainstorm character motivation? You have a team of creatives ready and willing to share their ideas.

My approach

I meet you where you are

With all due respect to Mr. Spookypants himself, Stephen King, who has convinced untold numbers of writers that to be a serious author, one must write every day, I beg to differ.

The commitment you make to your romance novel or novella is something you have to define based on all the other things demanding your time. I will not push you toward burn-out, divorce or letting your children learn to make roasted chicken and veg at six years old.

What I will do is work with you to figure where and when in your day, week, or month you can commit to working on your romance. The targets we create for your progress will be based upon your reality—not a fantasy life. But once you set those reality-based targets, I will expect you to respect your time and your story.

I provide you with accountability

Needing to be accountable to someone is normal, not just for romance authors, but for anyone who’s ever held a job of any kind. Our bosses and our paychecks keep us showing up even when we’d rather be doing pretty much anything else!

Being an author is the same deal. The difference is, unless we’ve signed a contract with a publisher, we don’t have built-in accountability.

That’s where a book or author coach comes in! Some writers need a carrot. Some need a stick. Together we’ll create an accountability approach that works for you.

I help you build your confidence

We’ll figure out what fuels your confidence and give you more of that. We’ll identify the sources that suck your confidence from you and work to eliminate that from your writing life.

Virtually every author on the planet has moments of self-doubt. The trick to quieting those voices is actually pretty simple—though like all good tricks, they require practice to perfect. I’ll work with you to create habits that reduce, if not eliminate, the doubt monster that loves to visit when you’re writing.

I will connect you to your community!

As confident as I am in my ability to help you achieve what I have—writing and publishing romance books—I know that other author’s experiences are also incredibly valuable. So, when you join Author Ever After, you get access to all my peers and your peers at all stages of writing and publishing romance.

Some of the romance authors I’ve guided

Talk to me!

Not that many years ago I was exactly where you are now—whether you’re working on your first, scrappy rough draft or already have a couple books published and need a boost of confidence, some motivation, or accountability.

Even with over ten titles published, two awards and USA Today bestselling status, I still need a coach, and I meet with my own mastermind peers every week to help me stay on track.

I love meeting new romance authors, so be brave, click the button below, and schedule a time to tell me about your book. You’ll have to bring your own tea, but I promise that I won’t pressure you into meeting again unless you feel some chemistry!

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