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Publishing a book is often a team effort. Even if you indie publish, odds are you’ll need support—an editor, a proofreader, a cover designer, maybe an interior formatter, a website developer … there are lots of tasks you might decide to outsource.

Google can give you names—but how can you know if they’re trust-worthy? If they’ll deliver on their promise? If they understand what romance readers look for that’s different from other genre readers?

One thing you can do is cross-reference with my trusted list of romance publishing colleagues. I don’t get paid to promote any of these people—except perhaps in good karma.

Alliance of Independent Authors

If you’re looking for more or different self-publishing support folks, the Alliance for Independent Authors vets every person and business they recommend. Check them out.

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Developmental & line editors

Copy editors & proofreaders

Story coaches

Graphic & web designers

Developmental & line editors

An intuitive developmental editing style to ensure your story emotionally connects with readers the way you intended. All aspects of your manuscript are carefully considered, from the characters to the plot and the spice. Insights are shared with you in a constructive, organized and respectful manner.

No matter where we start in your writing journey, my goal is to ensure you’re confident and excited to share your book with the world!

See my convo with Melanie here.

I am the owner of Rookwood Editing, where I am a content editor, copyeditor, and Jewish sensitivity reader for fiction. Though I specialize in romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, I am open to working with most fiction. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband and cat, and in my free time, I write Jewish romance, sing in a choir, and play video games and D&D.

Learn about Molly’s success pitching agents here.

Copy editors & proofreaders

headshot Brenna Bailey-Davies

I provide editing services for indie authors of fantasy and romance, with a focus on books with queer representation. My goal is to empower authors, foster connection, and create meaning. When I’m not editing, reading or baking, I write queer contemporary romance novels under the pen name Brenna Bailey.

Catch Brenna’s excellent workshop on sensitivity/authencity reads.

Romance is my specialty! I provide line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services for romance authors of all heat levels and subgenres. I’d love to connect with authors I could grow with long-term, becoming familiar with your unique style and voice while supporting your entire body of work, project by project.

See my convo with and a sample line edit from Angela here.

Like many of you, I suffer from an endless TBR and caffeine addiction. Semi-unique to me, I am a comprehensive editor, meaning I do all types of edits, as well as offer other author/writing services. 

I can help you with: plotting, proofreading, line editing, enhanced beta reading, blurb/ synopsis/ summary writing, quote/ hook/ trope pulling, and generally just being your biggest hype-woman on your writing journey. I specialize in most contemporary romance subgenres and paranormal/fantasy romance.

See my convo with Brit and her comprehensive author intake form.

Story coaches

In a nutshell: I get writers unstuck, so they can feel new enthusiasm for their projects, write them more quickly and effectively — and keep on writing.

(Cathy is my go-to when I’m stuck in a story)

As a romance writer and Author Accelerator certified book coach, I help busy women who want to write romance novels without guilt or shame prioritize their writing, develop their craft, and find joy in the journey toward their publishing dreams.

Connect with me on Instagram and my website.

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Lewis Jorstad is a developmental editor and book coach who helps scrappy fiction authors (and soon-to-be authors) master their craft and find their readers. He guides writers in honing their unique author voice, and then using that voice to touch readers’ hearts and build lasting fans.

You can find him over at The Novel Smithy!

Hi, I’m Sue, and I help romance writers learn to write your strongest story in the fewest revisions. My techniques focus on the heart of the character first and lean into the writing and revision styles that work best for you.

Visit my website to learn how I empower you to love out loud the stories you write. 

Graphics, web & branding

I’m known for my 100% customized author websites that are beautiful, professional and uniquely designed to fit each customer’s voice and author brand. I’ve worked with everyone from debut indie authors to New York Times bestselling authors to romance book subscription boxes and online bookstores. 

Catch Jessica’s Top 10 things every author website needs workshop.

I help authors (and entrepreneurs & speakers) build a personal brand that gets them SEEN in a crowded online space. If you’re looking to build a kickass online presence, reach out for support with your brand strategy, brand visuals, social media strategy or website design!

Learn a ton with Rachel’s workshop, Branding yourself as a romance author

Alliance of Independent Authors

If you’re looking for more or different self-publishing support folks, the Alliance for Independent Authors vets every person and business they recommend. Check them out.