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Learn skills, build relationships, become a published romance author with a success support network—just like these Author Ever After members have.

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headshot Tami Winbush romance author

“I want you to know what a significant impact you have had, not only on me as a writer, but on the catapulting of my books!

“You have been a mentor, a cheerleader, a critic… continuing to make me find the path.”  

~ Nina Purtee, one-to-one mentorship

You want to become a

published romance author …

but how?

  • You could hire an assisted self-publishing company to do the work for you. Expect to spend at least $5,000 and not a learn anything to help you publish your next romance novel yourself. (Done For You).
  • You could cobble together a bunch of courses, podcasts and blog posts and hope you get the information you need. You’re usually on your own to sort through and implement what you learn. (Do It Yourself … all by yourself).
  • You could join a community of other authors who are shooting for the same target, to learn from and encourage each other. (Do It Yourself … together).
  • You could work with a coach for romance writers to walk the path to publication with you, so you don’t get lost and know how to get there on your own the next time. (Done With You).

If having a community of peers or an

indie publishing mentor appeals to you …

keep reading!

I’m Danika, your indie romance publishing mentor

I’ve supported hundreds of authors achieve their writing and publishing goals since 1998 when I co-founded a community that’s grown to over 1,500 author members. In August 2022, I decided to focus on working with the authors I most love supporting—indie romance authors, like myself. That’s when Author Ever After came to be and where I coach romance writers like you to become published authors.

headshot Danika Bloom romance author

here’s what I know

Success usually comes down to these four things: 

⭐️ Being with your people—romance lovers who respect the genre.

⭐️ Having accountability and buddies to encourage you when you’re second-guessing yourself.

⭐️ Having a tried-and-true publishing plan to keep you from getting lost and wasting time or money.

⭐️ Embracing a growth mindset and believing that you can do this thing called being an author!

If you’re ready to put your love story into reader’s hands, welcome! You’re exactly where you need to be.

Traditional coaching tends to focus on changing behavior, environment, and developing skills. But real transformation, which is often needed to move from years of working on your book to becoming a published romance author, requires a different level of support.

That’s why I invested in learning a coaching methodology designed specifically to support women to adopt a growth mindset, step into visibility, and unlock greater creativity.  


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Become a member of Author Ever After

commit to publishing your romance novel before your lovers’ next anniversary!

Here are some of the ways I can help you achieve your romance publishing goal

💋 research and decide on the best pen name for your sub-genre

💋 create an author brand look that matches reader expectations of your sub-genre

💋 write catchy, on-brand, social media bios (they should all be different!)

💋 build your first, simple landing page website

💋 set up your email form and your first welcome sequence

💋 create a fool-proof, cover design brief so your designer nails what your readers are looking for

💋 identify cover designers, editors and other experts who match your sub-genre and budget

💋 learn how to make the best use of tools like StoryOrigin and BookFunnel

💋 generate advance reviews so your book launches with social proof

💋 create perfectly formatted book interiors for ebook and paperback

💋 upload your first book to Amazon and other retailers

💋 and more …

Ready to experience the support of the

Author Ever After membership and

Passion Project to Published mentorship?

headshot Colette R Harrell romance author

“Danika is the ultimate book coach. She offers her extensive author knowledge with patience and care. She fosters an atmosphere that feels so safe you won’t mind admitting all the things you don’t know and be amazed as you walk away equipped for the challenge.”  

~ Colette R. Harrell, one-to-one mentorship & community member (published)

Recent titles published by (or coming soon from) Author Ever After community members & coaching clients

more nice things authors say about working with me

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“When I first joined Author Ever After I was flying in blind with only a first draft in hand and a pipe dream to publish. Now, after being a part of Danika’s community and learning all I can, I’ve taken her tools and worked each step to launching my first novel that hit #125 in small-town romance on Amazon within 24 hours of release!

“For a debut indie author with not a clue how to launch a book on my own a year ago, I can only attribute that success to this amazing community! Every penny, every hour spent here, has been worth it. I now have five releases planned for the coming year. I can’t thank Danika and the lovely members of AEA enough for their support, knowledge, and accountability toward my goal that was once a dream, and is now a reality.”

~ A. Boss,  community member (published)

headshot Mia Harlan romance author

“Danika is an amazing author coach. She is supportive, kind, knowledgeable, and she really cares about you and your goals.

Mia Harlan
USA Today bestselling romance author

headshot Roxie Clarke romance author

“Over the last three years, Danika has become an integral part of my writing community. She’s encouraging and funny and always positive.”

Stacey Wallace
USA Today bestselling romance author

headshot Gabbi Grey romance author

“Danika is a perfect coach—compassionate and kick-ass, she’s been there, done that, and knows that tough love is often the best love.”

Gabbi Grey
USA Today bestselling romance author