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A community where courageous romance writers become earning romance authors

You have a partially written romance novel—or ten of them!—but since you don’t know what you’ll do with it once you finish, it’s hard to find the motivation to write all the way to,
And they lived happily ever after.

You’re in luck because  everything you need to move from pre-published romance writer to published romance author is here for you.

“Joining Danika Bloom’s Author Ever After community was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my writing career.

Danika understands the romance indie publishing industry inside and out. Her insights, gentle guidance and unrelenting focus on holding me accountable has not only resulted in a near-doubling of written words from me, but also instilled the confidence that I needed to push toward a debut release in the not-too-distant future.”

~Valerie Pepper, publishing in spring 2023

How will an online community help me write my romance novel?

Much like the ups and downs that the heroes and heroines of your favorite romance novels face and overcome, writing a happily ever after is an adventure filled with happy times as well as challenging days (or weeks, or months). Your Author Ever After community is  like your heroine’s bestie—that extra support who always has your back when the hero (your work-in-progress) is being a tool.

We’ll be your book coach, your biggest cheerleaders, the shoulder you can cry on when you lose faith in your story, the team you’ll celebrate with when your story rises from the muddled middle like a shirtless Jason Momoa from the sea … Basically, whatever you need to finish your novel, our team of multipublished romance authors will be there for you.

Is Author Ever After like having a book coach?

Sort of. But really a whole lot more.

A book coach is like the hero of your story when he’s still resisting his happily ever after. Sure, he’s sweet, but he can’t keep your heroine happy until he embraces and accepts the hole in his heart.

The Author Ever After Community is like that same hero at the moment of the grand gesture. He’s there with all he’s got to win your heroine’s love.

Our community is like the flash mob he brings together to dance and sing and show the world he wants to be with her.

Think of your Author Ever After community as your personal flash mob, a room filled with romance authors who want you to succeed as much as you want to be holding your finished book.

Sounds amazing. But I'm on a budget.

We get it. We really do. Writing and publishing your first romance has costs, like any craft we want to learn—and maybe eventually make money with!

Becoming a member of Author Ever After might mean making a “this or that” decision.

Instead of spending several hundred dollars to attend a weekend conference, you could invest that same amount for a full year of weekly workshops, mindset masterminds, and community conversations in the Author Ever After community.

Instead of buying a DIY, self-paced, go-it-alone online course, you could invest that money in our three-month plan and get as much one-on-one support as you need to learn the ins and outs of writing a romance novel.

Instead of letting FOMO drive you to buy the next shiny new bundle of tools for aspiring authors, you could join us for a month, focus on attending all our events, and spend that time and money to make real progress on your romantic work-in-progress. 

Want more details? Get them right here.

How can I join Author Ever After?

If you’ve had a peek inside and like what you see—of course you do, the members are amazing!—joining is simple.

Choose how long you think you need to finish your romance, then join other romance writers like you, who want to finish their first novel.

Join us so we can share inspiration, practical experience and support with each other to become published authors without any more break-ups with our manuscripts.

Join now!

Can I talk to you before making my decision about joining?

Really? You’re not into the whole Love Is Blind approach to relationships? Me, either!

But, I feel pretty confident that after a thirty-minute conversation, we’ll be able to determine whether the Author Ever After community is the right next step to help you move from where your book is now to “and they lived happily ever after.”

Email your questions to mail @ authoreverafter (dot) com. 

About me, Danika Bloom

The short story is that I am a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedy.

After having spent ten full years writing, editing, sitting on, and fretting about whether my first novel was any good, in 2016 I finally plucked up the courage to indie publish that story. And in 2018, I met a romance author who encouraged me to focus on writing happily ever afters.

I now have fourteen titles published under two names. 

As the co-founder of another online community for writers of all genres, I’ve supported well over 200 writers in making significant strides on their works-in-progress.

I am 100 percent certain I can help you, too.


Nice things clients have said

“Over the last three years, Danika has become an integral part of my writing community. She’s encouraging and funny and always positive.”

Stacey Wallace, USA Today bestselling romance author

“Danika is an amazing author coach. She is supportive, kind, knowledgeable, and she really cares about you and your goals.

Mia Harlan, USA Today bestselling romance author

“Danika is a perfect coach—compassionate and kick-ass, she’s been there, done that, and knows that tough love is often the best love.”

Gabbi Grey, USA Today bestselling romance author

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