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Self-publishing for Romance Writers—Made Easy!

First, give yourself a high five for investing in your romance career! Spending money on a hobby is an act of bravery and confidence in yourself. Be sure to acknoweldge this win!

Since the course launches on January 15, you have some time to get yourself launch ready. Let’s use it well! Your course bonuses are a perfect place to start.


Early bird bonuses

Bonus #1—100Covers book cover

If you’d like to take advantage of the exceptional deal from 100Covers, head over to their website and use the coupon code DANIKA to get 50% off any of the three packages they offer.

This coupon code will only work until end of day on Thursday, November 17.

You can buy the package now and relax. It does not expire and when you’re ready to use it, the team will be there to create your cover. I bought a similar deal a few years ago and took almost two years to claim it!

I highly, highly recommend that you get the package that includes the paperback cover. That’s the $200 package for $100.

Having a paperback available will put your book in the “pro indie” category with retailers. You’ll want the paperback. Some of your friends will want it. And the course you just bought will give you all the support you need to publish a paperback version of your book.

tiled book covers

If you’ve never commissioned a book cover before, let me offer some advice!

There’s a form you’ll need to complete to help guide the designer in giving you a cover that you love and that will attract the right readers to your book. I’m confident that you’ll nail the first objective (getting a cover you love) but … experience tells me you might not be clear on what your target readers are looking for. And that is the most important target to hit.

Drop me an email and ask for the book cover PDF I created for members of the Passion Project to Published program. That document will give you deeper guidance on how to get the best cover for your story.


Bonus #2—Access to the Author Ever After community membership

You have access to (at least) one month in the Author Ever After community. If you opted for the additional months when you bought the course, you’ll have four months with us, starting whenever your heart desires!

Email me at author@authoreverafter.com and let me know what email address you’d like the membership invitation to be sent to.

If you’re a member of any other community on the Circle platform, I suggest you use the same email address since you’ll be able to switch between the communities with ease. (Wide for the Win, Fictionary, and ProWritingAid all host their communities on Circle).

Since you may not know what’s available to you with your membership, it’s small group coaching and peer-to-peer support. There are several opportunities each week to meet with other members live, at least once a week to join me in an office hours or motivation and accountability mastermind, and workshops scattered each month.

If you’re not sure when it will make most sense to use your free month, book a 15-minute chat and I’ll answer your questions so you can decide with confidence.

heart shaped collage of 9 women smiling

A few of the romance authors you’ll meet in the community. These are not actors! They’re real members of Author Ever After.

Bonus #3—two 30-minute, one-to-one coaching calls with me

In your first 30-minute call, we will—

  • identify where you are on a strategic path to publishing your romance novel
  • clarify your short-term and long-term publishing goals, and
  • identify two or three steps you can start right now to get you moving confidently along that path toward your goal.

You’ll leave this call with clarity, a boost of encouragement that your desire to become a published romance author is within your reach, and likley some specific tasks you can undertake in the weeks before you get access to the course.

If none of the available times work for your schedule, email to let me know and I’ll squeeze in a coaching call on a Monday or Friday

Book your first one-to-one coaching call.

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