Are you ready to claim
your place in the world
as a romance author?

Join Passion Project to Public—our 21-day, done-with-you program designed to take the stress and guesswork out of launching all your public profiles as a romance author.

You want readers to say, “You had me at hello.”

 You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing your romance novel, and now you’re faced with the daunting task of reaching the readers who want to fall in love with your characters.

The only problem is, your online presence is about as noticeable as a Nun in a nightclub (that would be virtually invisible). Ahhh, the struggles of being a pre-published author.

All the tasks can feel so damned overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to start.

You need help, and that’s where our 21-day, done-with-you program comes in.

I understand the challenges you’re facing–the frustration, the self-doubt, the overwhelm–and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Say goodbye to standing on the sidelines, feeling like you’ve dressed all wrong for the party. In Passion Project to Public, you’ll gain clarity on how to launch yourself as an author and confidently step into the spotlight with your upcoming romance release.

If you’re ready to stop struggling and start shining, join us today and take the first step to building the online presence you and your stories of love deserve!

Say hello to Passion Project to Public—the 21-day, done-with-you program that will help you unleash your inner author and create a strategic author brand with a website, email service provider, social media platforms, a professionally designed book cover, and more.


And unsure about how to create a strong and authentic brand that aligns with the kinds of stories you tell (or want to tell) so you can attract your ideal readers …

… and overwhelmed about all the things you’ve read you have to do before you publish your first romance novel?


But frustrated with your lack of visibility in the romance author community …

… and eager to finally take action towards creating a successful and memorable brand that truly represents your unique voice and vision as a romance author?

Create your swoon-worthy romance author persona—
in just 21 days!

Get ready to feel like the romance author superstar you are, because with Passion Project to Public, you’ll have a squad of cheerleaders and coaches at your side, lifting you up every step of the way!

We’re talking on-call support, one-to-one mentorship, and small group brainstorming—basically, your dream team.

And don’t forget about the continued love from our extended Author Ever After community, with two months of weekly mastermind sessions to keep you on track and crushing your book’s pre-launch goals like a boss after the 21-day program ends. We’re like that supportive friend who always has your back (and your favorite chocolate right when you need it).

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for Passion Project to Public and get everything you need to be all set to launch your romance book with confidence, swagger, and a whole lot of sass! It’s like Beyoncé’s backup dancers, but for your writing career. 

Ready to dazzle the world with your love stories? Join Passion Project to Public today!

Danika is the absolute BEST. I joined the Author Ever After community in August 2022 and promptly declared that I planned to publish my debut in the spring of 2023, even though it seemed scary and slightly unattainable at the time.

Danika led me through all the steps of setting up social media, mailing lists, website, etc., plus provided incredible insight on different tools and other vendors to consider. By meeting with the group weekly, and with Danika’s unrelenting support and holding me accountable, I was able to stick to my original plan and publish The Widow’s Guide to Second Chances in April 2023!

Danika opened doors, offered ideas for marketing, and has been an absolute cheerleader for me from the very beginning.

New authors who are looking for a comprehensive approach with a supportive community should look no farther. This is the place for you..”

Valerie Pepper

The Widow's Guide to Second Chances

Accountability 🥳

No lover left behind—or love story writer. That’s our motto. When you join us we’ll hold you accountable, cheer you on, boost you up, and kick your butt if that’s what you need to keep moving forward with the promise you made to yourself to go public, baby!

Motivation 🤩

We’ll cover a lot of ground in twenty-one days. Some of the work might feel scary and make you want to stop working toward your goal of being ready to stand in your romance author spotlight. When fear trumps motivation, we’ll make sure you remember how freaking amazing you are!


Guidance 🤓

You’ve probably figured out that being a romance author requires many more skills than simply storytelling—skills like branding and marketing and peopling (gasp!). Overcome the overwhelm and get personalized guidance for your specific needs.

Expertise 👑

Danika has been earning her living as a writer for over thirty years. Between her two names, she’s published thirteeen books since 2016 (and twelve of those in the last four years). When she doesn’t have an answer, she knows who to ask so you can feel confident that the guidance you’re getting is up-to-date and well-tested in the broad romance community.

Feedback 🧐

Sure, your friends, family and the people in Facebook groups you belong have all got ideas that they’d love to share with you. But not all feedback is helpful. You’ll get constructive feedback from industry experts in the Passion Project to Public program.

Community 🥰

Rely on your romance author peers as much or as little as you need. The Author Ever After community are a small and tight group of romance writers who want nothing more than to help each other succeed, from offering beta read to showing up at your first public (online) event, you’ve got people who get you at your back.

The Author Ever After promise

We provide one-of-a-kind mentorship and community support to early career romance authors who want to stop breaking up with their manuscripts and feel the twitterpation of excitement every time they think about spending time with their lovers.

In other words, we make a commitment to stand beside you, to hold your hand (even when it’s sweaty), for better, for worse, through rich metaphors and poor clichés, when stymied and when in flow, to support and encourage, until publication do us part.

Spring cohort starts on May 22








All the love, none of the drama 

I’m Danika, your friendly, neighborhood USA Today bestselling romance author.

When I’m not torturing bands of brothers and the women who bring them to their knees, I spend my time supporting pre-published and early career romance authors.

I can’t help you become a published author with a pre-recorded course because I won’t know exactly how to be helpful until I meet you and learn where you are in the writing-editing-publishing process.

The best way for me to support you on your journey to publication is through an ongoing relationship—like in the Passion Project to Public program and community membership.

When you invite me to stand by your side, I will share everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn from romance authors a few steps ahead of me) since I started this “let’s become a published author” journey in 2006.

Trade your secret obsession for public adoration with Passion Project to Public!

So, what do I get?

Your website, built for you

You don’t need anything fancy to start, but you should have a way for future readers to sign up for your email list. And a place for them to find your social media links and learn about the the love story you’ll have coming very soon.

I’ll provide you with almost two hundred—that’s 200—professionally designed template sites to fully customize into a landing page (with up to three more pages) that you’ll be so proud of.

All you have to do is provide me with your brand colors, fonts, a few images you love and the text you’d like on your site. And guess what … I’ll help you figure all that out, too.

Here are a few dummy sites I’ve made:

RomanceAuthor.xyz —a 4-page site with neutral branding

SweetRomanceAuthor.xyz—a single landing page with sweet romance branding.

Your perfect brand colors & fonts

Whether you write dark suspense romance or light rom-com or sweet contemporary or sci-fi romance with blue aliens—the way you present yourself in your social media profiles and on your webiste should match. A black site with red highlights communicates a very different reader experience than a site with beach scenes in pastel colors. 

I’ll work with you to figure out what readers of your sub-genre respond to and then you’ll choose colors and fonts that will wow visitors to all your public spaces. 

Social media, set up & looking great

You don’t have to post every day. Heck, you don’t even need to post every week. But you should claim all the social profiles that share your name since one day you may be so famous you’ll have to put the words, “the real” in your bio links!

Speaking of bios, you’ll write and share lots of them. We’ll also get you set up with a few posts to stake your claim to your name, express your personality and start to tease readers about what you’ve got coming for them and their e-reader!

BONUS: I’ll pay for 20 premium photos and 10 high quality vidoes to help you get started with content that hasn’t been used a million times from free download sites! You’re unique—your content should be, too! So we’ll make that happen. (These would cost you $148 if you bought them all a la carte).

Your perfect pen name

Choosing the right pen name is kind of like finding your one true love–it’s critical to your long-term happiness and often requires trying on a bunch of different variations before you find the perfect match. 

You may not realize it, but a lot needs to be considered and weighed when picking a pen name. And it’s always good to get a few perspectives on your ideas. You may fall in love with the name Anita Bath, Carrie Oaky, or Analisa Joy … but sober second thought should be exercised with all names. 

Your email service all set up

Email may not feel sexy, but having a solid set-up before you start collecting your readers’ addresses is hawt! Nothing is more frustrating than an email list that doesn’t scale as you publish more books, or that isn’t helping you sell your next book.

We’ll get you ready with a welcome sequence to engage new subscribers and a plan to keep them opening your emails so that when you have a book to sell them, they’ll have their one-click finger well-trained!

Learn about what’s working today—in 2023—to make the most of your most important marketing asset—your email list.

Your first book cover

Get a professionally designed book cover with two social media graphics of your choice.

Use this cover as inspiration while you write your book. Or, as your official cover for your first published romance.

I’ll work with you to make sure your cover captures the essence of your story and meets your story’s specific romance sub-genre expectations, so readers who see it will know that your book will deliver the tropes and promises they expect.

Designing the right cover is as much data science as it is art. I’ll make sure we look at all the right data and have hired a professional cover designer to take care of the art—because, dammit, Janet, I’m an author, not a designer!

Take your romance author brand from zero to swoon-worthy hero in just 3 weeks with Passion Project to Public

Not sure if you’ll want to spend hours talking and listening to me? Fair enough! Get a taste of me in this recent conversation with the fabulous Emma Dhesi.

When does all the fun happen?

Spring cohort starts on May 22








1-to-1 guidance

Between the 6 workshops, 3 office hours, 3 masterminds, and 1-to-1 meetings, I’ll answer every question you have

Member forum

Full access to your community peers, for real-time chat and direct messaging with other early career romance authors

Focus challenges

Stay sane and supported as you create all the things you need to have in place before you publish your first romance

Small group

Your success will be my key focus for 21 days which is why your cohort will be limited to just ten romance authors


From beta readers to critique partners to co-writers to launch pals, relationships will be developed—it’s inevitable and beautiful

Member led events

If you want something special and are willing to host the event, we’ll create the space for you—like our daily writing sprints and book club meetings

Join Passion Project to Public today! Get your romance author body ready for beach read season!

aka, there are no dumb questions

I'm already published. Can I join?

If you’ve read all the way down to the FAQs and you’re interested enough to wonder if you’ll get value from joining Passion Project to Public, schedule a call and let’s chat about what your current needs are. I promise I won’t try to sell you on joining if you won’t get value from being in the cohort.

I don't write romance. Can I join?

Maybe … if you write women’s fiction with romantic elements, I can definitely be helpful. But, if you write any other primary genre with a romantic B-story, it would be best to schedule a call to tell me about your book or series since my experience, expertise and community connections are all in the romance genre.

Is this a DIY course? It's priced like a DIY course.

Passion Project to Public is not a do it yourself course—it is 100% done with you program.

I’ve been supporting new authors for six years and one thing that’s clear is that at the early stage of a romance author’s career there are so many decisions to make that even choosing a font can be too overhwelming. So, I’ve removed the overwhelm by being available to stand at your side for every decision and step.

There are no pre-recorded videos because everything we do will be done live in small group and one-to-one meetings. Of course, recorded for you to review, if you’d like.

The price is so low because you’ll be my first cohort with this specific set of deliverables—you’re getting the Queen Guinnea Pig price! When I do this again in the fall, it will be $1,000.

What happens after 21 days?

Between May 22 and June 11, you’ll get as much one-to-one time with me as you need to create all the deliverables in the Passion Project to Public program.

From June 12 to August 21, you’ll still have my support inside the Author Ever After community to hone what you created, to take the next steps to publishing your book, to building connections with other romance authors … whatever you need. The difference will be you’ll be learning in small group masterminds and community chats.

Of course, I’ll still be available for one-to-one support if you need it, but at my billable, hourly rate (discounted for members).

Is there a money back guarantee?

Since the Passion Project to Public program is limited to only ten romance authors, I’ll honor refunds until three days before the program starts.

What I can guarantee is that I will do everything possible to make this an exceptionally positive experience for you.

If you have concerns or questions, please schedule a call to meet me.

See if you like my energy. See if what I share with you in 30 minutes gives you confidence that what I can provide to you over 21 days of focused-on-you attention—plus two more months of ongoing support—feels worth the investment for your author career.

You didn't answer my question!

That’s what email and Zoom are for!

Email to ask: author@authoreverafter.com

Zoom it!  Schedule a call

Ready to wow yourself?

Spring cohort starts on May 22, 2023