Your romance author super strength is—

You are an editor’s dream client!

When you’re given a deadline, you create a plan and stick to it like a bridezilla sticks to her unbending need to control every minute of her special day. (Bridezilla’s get an unfair rap in romance, right?)

As an author, you’re a go-getter, embrace routines and are committed to working on your story, even when friends try to tempt you to play hooky.

Your romance author super strengths

⇒ Reliable

⇒ Self-directed

⇒ Focused

⇒ Creative

Your author mantra


“When I decide to do something I go all in and don’t look back!

My hero and heroine won’t know what hit them!”

Your Captivating Author style breakdown

(And by breakdown I don’t mean the collapse on the daybed, fanning yourself kind … just to be clear)

Your heroine’s go to quote

“I’d love to be spontaneous with you, honey, but first I have to make the bed.”


Your perfect reader review

“This story had all the things I look for and love in a romance novel! The romance was pure perfection.”


Your perfect day as a romance author

You wake up and check your to do list to make sure you know what you need to get done today. You know what your word count target is to meet your deadline and you’re happy to sit at your desk and write until you hit it.


Famous characters who really get you

* Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton
* Charlotte from Sex in the City
* Mary Bennett from Pride & Prejudice
* Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones
* Hermione from Harry Potter
* Lisa from The Simpsons


Your hero and heroine are waiting—possibly patiently, but perhaps with aching bits—for you to tell their love story.

Your readers are waiting, too, for this happily ever after that only you can write.

A love letter to your romance author personality

Dear captivating romance author,

I know we just met, but here’s the thing:

I see you and your singularly focused ways.

It’s time to embrace your author personality to fall in love with the process of writing your romance.

No matter where you are in your manuscript relationship—

  • at the awkward meet cute stage, still getting to know each other,
  • or the delicious falling in love stage where everything flows like a chocolate fountain,
  • or the heartbreaking part of the writing process when your confidence or motivation has walked away with nary a kiss on the forehead,
  • or the inevitable coming back together—since this is a love story!—and the grand gesture when your manuscript shares its most precious secrets with you and cradles you until you reach ‘The end’

—you need to know that every romance author you read and love took time to figure out how to work with their stories, what their own writing happy place is, and wrote scrappy rough drafts before anyone ever saw a word of the stories that make you laugh and cry and feel…

And, that just like the two (or three of four) characters you’re creating a happily ever after story for, your own author happily ever after will probably not be found on your own. Even the grumpiest hero who believes he’ll never pair with another is eventually brightened by a sunshine-y counterpart.

Not to suggest that you are cloudy! No, no, no!

What I mean is, if you’ve been trying and struggling to write your romance on your own, your people are here for you. If you’ve had any of these thoughts, the attractive hero with the perfect teeth and just-messy-enough hair over in the corner has something they’d like to whisper in your ear. Lean in, just a little…

You don’t have to do this alone. I’ve got you. Let me help you…

“Danika is an amazing author coach. She is supportive, kind, knowledgeable, and she really cares about you and your goals.“

Mia Harlan, USA Today bestselling romance author