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Special beta tester price until August 31

No need to make a sales pitch—I hope.

You came. You saw. You conquered your manuscript, or a fear, or a negative belief …

It would bring me joy to keep serving you and your romance-in-progress. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be making adjustments to the community space to make sure it serves your needs—from writing the first words of your draft through to your first sale on Amazon.

And looking forward, once a solid group of Author Ever After members are published, we’ll start bringing in experts and creating content to help you scale. But for the next three to six months, the main focus will remain on helping members move from being pre-published to published authors.

Join as a former beta tester

To thank you for your patience and participation in the beta delivery of the 21-day challenge in a new-to-us delivery space, we’re offering you 50% off your membership.

Use BETALOVE at checkout.

Join for a month, a quarter (3 months) or a year and pay half-price for as long as you remain a member. In other words:

💜 Monthly membership is $48.50/month (not $97)

❤️ Quarterly membership is $124.50/quarter (not $249)

💙 Annual membership is $389.50 a year (not $779)

NOTE: The coupon code expires end-of-day on August 31.

Invite a friend to join

Depending on how good your friend is,

  • you can invite them to join using the beta price coupon to have them in the community to support you, or
  • you can ask me for an affiliate link to give you 50% of their full price membership fee (minus banking fees, sadly).

I have to make each link individually, so only ask for an affiliate link if you have a friend you’re pretty confident will join!

I’ll also have to do manual payouts, which I’ll try to do once a month.


All the membership perks

Weekly events

Each week, we’ll have opprtunities for you to connect for quick wins and encouragement from your peers and from Danika.

Monday morning, motivation quickie.

Join live or watch the recording of a ~10-minute chcek-in where we’ll set our HEA goals for the week ahead with accountability to our peers.

At least one new resource to support your progress.

These may be book links, free courses from other mentors, a worksheet on a topic of interest …

Group writing sprints at a variety of times.

The room is open 24/7, but times will be scheduled when you’ll be able to count on at least one other person sharing your focus energy.

Monthly workshops and events

Every month, we will deliver at least the following content—probably more! Click the links to see examples in the community. Of course, Jenn and I will continue to hone our delivery of content!

One live blue pencil critique event

with at least two author’s pages reviewed. Recorded.

One focused-topic editing event

based on requests from the community. Recorded.

Four live mastermind sessions

delivered once a week. Probably not recorded.

One published Author Ask Me Anything event

with a bestselling romance author, based on what the community wants and needs. Recorded.

One focused challenge

to help you move the needle on your author goals.

Quarterly workshops and events

At least once a quarter, we’ll host events on topics requested by the community, as well as some we know will be valuable to you. Like …

One 12-week year planning session

a 2-hour, interactive workshop to plan your next quarter.

One in-depth editing workshop

90 to 120 minutes on one specific topic requested by community members.

One in-depth business of being an indie author workshop

90 to 120 minutes on one specific topic requested by community members.

These will all be recorded.

What’s your romance author personality?

Are you ready to write a kissing book?

Answer a few fun questions and you’ll get instant access to the perfect style of support that will help you find your happily ever after as a romance author. Seems as crazy as a secret baby romance, but these questions are tried, tested and as true as the hero in your heart.